Jose Antonio Gordo Valero

Jose Antonio Gordo Valero also owns a company in Malaga (Spain) since March 2020.

ORQUIDEA EVENTOS SL (Orchid Events SL). Jose Gordo is sole administrator.

PS: The Sociedad de responsabilidad limitada (S.L.) is a Spanish corporation and roughly corresponds to the GmbH under German law.

On 1st November 2016 Jose Antonio Gordo Valero, born November 1975, incorporated UNITED COMMAND LIMITED with the spectacular amount of £1 in equity. On April 10, 2018 this company was dissolved.

In September 2021, Jose Gordo promoted Xifra:

With every scam he recommends, he claims participants can become millionaires.

Serial scammer Graham Laurie aka Cashmaster is now promoting. No surprise, as he was last seen with one of his best friends, Kalpesh Patel in Dubai.

I saw the video Laurie filmed with Patel recently, where he was making excuses for Hyperverse’s withdrawal problems. Suffice to say, that video was promptly deleted after Patel exit-scammed his victims. Now, Laurie is promoting Lyopay, which is a partner company of WeWe Global. Perhaps an updated review on Lyopay would be a good idea?

Also, well known SCAMMERS Mick Mulcahy ( works in local radio ) and his Business Partner Ger Geary (taxi driver) are now promoting We We Global. Two Nasty Men who will recruit anyone. They appear to have left Hyper where the rumor is they made a lot by scamming neighbors friends strangers alike.

Daniel Booth and Sharon James are holding multiple “zoomathon” meetings throughout today pitching the WeWe scam.

As I understand it the Hyper* Ponzi scammers split between Wewe and GSPartners. If Kalpesh has already ditched GSPartners for Wewe, he’s just joining the rest of the Hyper* scammers.

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