José Gordo, Spanish fugitive implicated in the OneCoin scam in Argentina, continues to operate through WeWe Global and LyoPay

José Gordo is a Spanish citizen who became the main income generator for the OneCoin Ponzi scheme in Latin America. However, Gordo is still at large and continues to promote other Ponzi schemes targeting Latin Americans.In late 2020, Gordo was indicted in Argentina on criminal fraud charges related to OneCoin. He remains a wanted fugitive by Argentina. It is not clear if the Argentine authorities requested an international arrest warrant for Gordo. José Gordo is believed to reside in Spain, but so far no action has been taken against him by the Spanish authorities.

Gordo, who is presumed to be headquartered in Spain, has been desperately trying to get WeWe Global, a crypto token minting pyramid scheme, off the ground in South America, according to BehindMLM . The Spanish fugitive promotes LyoPay, a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2020, whose CEO claims to be Luiz Goes (Luiz Goez). 

In Peru and other Latin American countries, Gordo promotes LyoPay also through citizen Charbel Zalaquett, while in other countries he does so through online conferences.

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